Two secrets behind being a 'glass half full' person

Choosing the right picture for this post was a little difficult. I'm sure you will agree we don't often focus our camera's lens on those moments when things could have worked out better.  This snap was shot in San Diego on a very over cast beach. It was the last day of a long weekend and my travel companion was on a much earlier flight than I.  Which left me at our beachside locale without a lot to do. I could have easily sat around the hotel, perhaps had a few drinks and wasted away my day. Instead I decided to get out in the fresh air and practice yoga on the beach. To my delight the hotel even furnished me with a matt at my request. Result.

Another year wiser?

I had a birthday this week. I'm not telling you how old I turned. Why? Because a couple of weeks ago I saw Christiane Northrup MD speak at her book launch (her book being Goddesses Never Age) and she said never to tell anyone how old you are. So I can't. 

But, but, but...... the thing to know about me, is that as well as being very easily influenced (by the likes of Christiane) I'm also an open book.  Which means I'm left torn between telling you how old I turned AND trying to be a Goddess that Never ages. Dilema!