I have a confession....

I saw these words on Instagram this week and they thoroughly resonated with me. 

Given the goal of this blog is generally inspiration for good health &happiness, this is a harder post for me to write. The truth is, I don’t feel like I’ve been an inspiration to anybody of late. Not even a little bit. In fact last weekend before I even saw this quote (and of course re-gramed it!) I told a good friend that I currently feel a little broken. Unhealthy too.

Soul Food, week one challenge

Somehow I seem to have decided to start a weekly challenge and commence the Whole30 on the same day. I mean as if the Whole30 isn't a big enough challenge on its own?  That being said, I've decided that the key was to choose a non food task this week that ultimately is true to Whole30 but possibly something I wouldn't stick to otherwise.

As you have probably guessed by now, I'm going to focus on getting quality sleep. I'm honestly not the best sleeper. I'm on hormone blocking medication with the lovely side effect of hot flushes, which tend to run amok when I first get into bed each night. I often lay awake for over an hour before dozing off. But I will confess to regularly getting into bed not long after eating and directly from TV viewing.  

The official challenge is:  All electronics off by 30 minutes before bed time (yes even the phone). This is causing me angst just to think about. So that means it's a good challenge. Play along and let me know how you go.