Gratitude is the tonic

I'm having a challenging time emotionally right now. More on that another time....For now, I'm going to take some of my own advice and focus on what I do have. Which is rather a lot to feel good and happy about.  

My family have flown all the way from Australia to spend time with me in New York. Pictured here are my two nieces who really are the most adorable humans on the planet. Also my mother in the background. My sister and one of my cousins are both here too.  There is nothing like the unconditional love of your family (at least that's how I feel about my family). They really are my biggest fan club and can drag me out of anything.

Tribes and friendship

The word tribe has become super popular as a descripter of close knit groups in recent years. But what does it actually mean? And what is the difference between your tribe and your friends (if there even is one)? 

I've been thinking about this a lot after spending my weekend with a group I feel honored to call my tribe.  They are my #iguanatribe christened when we met on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, at the Iguana Lodge. We just attended the Wanderlust yoga festival in Squaw Valley together and there was something incredibly magical about this coming back together. Trust and intimacy increased. Bonds were strengthened, love blossomed. It felt like being with your tribe should. Easy, fun, deep and powerful.

Primary food delivery

This post was inspired by my instagram feed this morning.

When I started studying with Integrative nutrition this year, I had no idea that it would have such a huge impact on my life beyond the ‘healthy food’ arena. I pretty quickly learned, however, their philosophy goes well beyond nutrition. In fact, IIN calls actual food secondary and prioritizes primary food…which is nourishment of a different nature.  Specifically: spirituality, relationships, physical activity and career.  

Right off the bat I was acutely aware that in terms of my own primary food, there were some gaps. Secondary food I was doing incredibly well on. I do have the physical activity part nailed. My career is set to evolve due to my studies. Spirituality needed some work and I’ve done it (thanks Gabby Bernstein). But the big gap for me was in the relationship area. At least in the part of significant other as I consider my relationships with my family and friends very strong.

A detour into fear

It's September 2010 and I am feeling pretty damn happy with my lot in life. I am in the throws of a blossoming relationship. My career is at an all time high. I am living in a house I have proudly managed to buy myself in the fairly prestigous (expensive) suburb I grew up in. After discovering a passion for running I've taken up a new challenge and am training for my first triathlon. Those around me are proclaiming, wow you are so happy right now!

I did not know it then, but my life was about to get turned upside down. Within 24 hours I was a breast cancer patient. A year later a 'survivor'. Another 18 months on living on the other side of the world in NYC with my breast cancer sister & bestie Nicole. Less than 2 more and she is devestatingly gone. High highs, low lows and lots of opportunity to completely loose my shit along the way.

Digital detoxing

Last weekend, I unintentionally went on a digital detox retreat. What I mean by that is I signed up for a yoga retreat and didn't read the fine print. What the fine print said was that there would be 1/ no alcohol 2/ no technology (outside of cameras) and 3/ copious amounts of mindfulness.  In full transparency I may not have booked myself in for all this serious stuff had I been more across the agenda!

Authenticity overload?

Honesty, trust, loyalty and authenticity.  All qualities I expect in my close personal relationships and demand of myself. I would MUCH rather hear a difficult truth than an easy lie. And I really do mean it. Because no matter how hard the truth is to hear, and even when it hurts, I can deal with it. And this too shall pass and all that.

Yet when it comes to our (my) online persona it’s accepted human behavior to put forward our shiniest version of self.  And I'm as guilty of this as the next person. In fact maybe I’m worse as I have become quite proficient at using photo shop to wipe out my wrinkles.

Experiences (& people) are more important than things

I have a reputation for a lot of things. One in particular is my cluminess which also extends to a tendancy to lose things. The truth is I am a deep thinker. And sometimes, I'm so busy thinking, I don't concentrate on the task at hand. Whether that be walking down the street or leaving a hotel room with all my things. My work is to slow down and be in the moment more.... 

Have you ever had the experience of losing something sentimental? Like a piece of jewellery or something similar from a special someone? It's a horrible feeling right?  I bet, like me, you spent a lot of time blaming yourself for your hopelessness. But, the truth is, that isn't very healthy or even productive. I've had to learn the hard way to be OK with letting go.  This post is about how I manage

Special friends and food

Confession. I've never been much of a cook. There have been short bursts of kitchen related activity (like back when I was living with an exboyfriend or two). But I've never cooked just for me, despite having lived on my own for some 10 years or so. Up until recently that is.